Yes, is a scam, and here is my story.



So, it all began back in the 2012. When i was moving out from Ireland to Germany. I had a locked iPhone 4 to a Three Ireland network, which was ununlockable. It was ununlockable not because it was barred, stolen, lost or something, it’s just because of the company’s policy not to unlock phones which are still under the contract. I have bought this iphone from a person, which i do not know, but i have checked the phone if it’s reported lost or stolen before i bought it.

However i need to get it unlocked before i leave. So i came across the company called On the website it was stated, that the unlock service for the iphones on three (more…)

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Scam supporters:

This time i would like to share my experience with an official merchant of scam website.

My experience with these criminals you can read here:

As i have realised, that i just have been scammed. I wanted to let the merchant know, that they are dealing with a company which are robbing people online. If i would run business i would apreciate for such an information. But this was not the case here. (more…)

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